Mareridt's market


Server: Harmony

Coordinates: Q20

Settlement name: Angellore

Note: the most northern point of the Goldfish Island's shore

Bulk material

Material Amount Price per 1k Average QL
Stone bricks 5400 2 s 40
Colossus bricks 1759 2 s 35
Sandstone bricks 0 3 s  
Dirt 0 1.2 s 30
Sand 1800 1.5 s 50
Clay 0 1 s 50
Mortar 0 3 s  
Zinc ore 3700 1.5 s 15
Grass 2000 1.5 s 30

Containers (BSBs) are included in the price.


Delivery is NOT included.

Delivery is possible, depending on your location, for an additional fee.

Highway connection: not yet available (work in progress)


I'm taking orders for bulk materials.

Let me know what you need.

Fo services


Oak, willow: 10 c

Any other kind: 1 c

Plus optional mailing fee (1c per piece).



Rare items

I'm not sure I actually want to sell any of these items, but feel free to send offers. Who knows.

Rare material


Sleep powder: 2 s


While I prefer silver, trading (for your material or services) is also possible.

Possible discount for old customers and friends.


PM: Mareridt